“Enseñando, fomenta”: A atuação do associativismo no desenvolvimento agrícola oitocentista em duas regiões ibéricas limítrofes – o Alentejo e a Extremadura


Carlos Manuel Faísca


December 28th, 2022
Journal: Revista de História da Sociedade e da Cultura

Strengthened as Constitutionalism consolidated, the associative movement grew in the 19th century and acted in the most diverse fields of activity. Economic progress was one of the main objectives for 19th century associations which, in the Iberian context of agrarian societies, focused on the evolution of agriculture as the leading sector of development. This article studies, from a comparative perspective, the agricultural associations in two of the most extensive agricultural regions of Spain and Portugal, Extremadura and Alentejo respectively. It is concluded that, although below the defined objectives, the agricultural associative movement in the Spanish region was not only developed earlier but also more active. Nevertheless, future research should be conducted in order to establish the idea of the existence of a more dynamic Spanish agricultural associative movement.

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