Plants, dunes and people: coasts as entangled environments

In May, ReSEED project published a tweet about a conference on seeds and travelling plants. The tweet said and I quote: “European navigators didn´t travel empty-handed. They took & brought back different plants”. When I read this, I knew it was the best way to...

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“Plantations are back”: palm oil in São Tomé

Driving south through São Tomé’s national road n. 2 we are welcomed by “the flourishing palm groves of Agripalma”. Oil palms reign supreme over that territory, creating a green pattern of staggering geometric regularity. When the fog lifts, it is possible to see the...

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The path of two separated sisters: botany and agriculture

Botany is the science that studies the plant world from all points of view and in all its different aspects. Currently encompasses a series of disciplines that study the metabolism, reproduction, growth and development of plants, but for a long time, botany was used...

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