Do manuscrito à mesa — Cozinhar receitas do século XVIII


Dulce Freire, Maria José Pires, Ricardo Bonacho


December 19th, 2022
Updated version: 16.01.23

The e-book is an output of the partnership between the ReSEED project and the Master in Innovation in Science and Culinary Arts (MIAC) of the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies (ESHTE), whose 8th edition (2019-2020) embraced the challenge that gave name to this collaboration: “Changing times, changing wills?”

Working with a manuscript written by the cook Francisco Borges Henriques (1715), the aim was to build a theoretical and practical path to cook culinary recipes from the early 18th century according to the current requirements for healthy, tasty and sustainable food. After months of research, tests, and adaptation in terms of ingredients and techniques, the e-book (in Portuguese) brings to the wide public the best recipes successfully tested and reinterpreted by (at that time) the students. It is composed of 12 starters, 8 vegetable dishes, 8 fish dishes, 12 meat dishes, 19 desserts and 5 drinks. Each recipe is presented in its reinterpreted version, with reference to its author, and also in the version originally written by Francisco Borges Henriques.



Cooking recipes from the 18th century


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