Receitas e Remédios de Francisco Borges Henriques – inícios do século XVIII


Dulce Freire (Coord.), Anabela Ramos, Carlos Manuel Faísca, Inês Gomes, Ana Isabel Silva, Filipe Covelo, Leonor Garcia



This is the first publication of the manuscript written by the Francisco Borges Henriques (1715), closed for more than 100 years in the National Library of Portugal. Borges Henriques was possibly working at an aristocratic house based in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, and kept in that manuscript several culinary recipes, as well as some remedies and other indications for domestic use. It shows how the kitchen was a central space in the house, where not only meals were made but also medicines. The book also contains the first recipes with some products from the New Worlds, such as tomatoes, maize, beans, sweet potatoes and peppers.

The ReSEED team transcribed the manuscript and studied the recipes, the remedies, the author’s life and the relevance of this work in the history of the Portuguese cookbooks, medical books and pharmacology.  The book contains the full transcript of the document, a linguistic update in parallel, a glossary, an index of titles and the scientific study on the work and the author.

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