Caldo de unto do Minho

book chapter

Anabela Ramos


October 2021
Book: Referencial Gastronómico do Minho

Based on a recipe of lard broth from the Minho region, found in the manuscript book of the cook Francisco Borges Henriques, written in the early years of the 18th century, we seek to understand its composition and modifications until the current recipe named caldo verde, cooked in boiling water with potatoes and cabbage, seasoned with salt, lard or olive oil. We analyse the ingredients and their presence in the Minho fields since the 18th century. The medicinal properties attributed to it are also observed, as well as changes in the following century, when potatoes and olive oil were added to the recipe, transforming this broth into the most iconic recipe of Portuguese cuisine with origins in the Minho region.

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