Collaboratories are collaborations that ReSEED establishes with people and projects to discuss subjects related to our research which require knowledge of diverse disciplines. The Collaboratories aim to solve problems in an inter and transdisciplinary way in partnership with colleagues from other scientific areas inside and outside our institution, the University of Coimbra.

Food_COOK collaborations aim to bridge the research on production and food consumption. The partners study cooking recipes identified since the 16th century and some seek to adapt or interpret them in the light of current cooking and consumption demands. These collaborations also explore issues related to the introduction of new world plants into the recipes throughout the last centuries.

Francisco Borges Henriques’ manuscript (1715): study, transcription, reinterpretation & publication.

other collaboratories

project 1/collab

Changing times, changing wills?, collaboration with the Master in Innovation in Science and Culinary Arts from the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies (ESHTE) around the question: how to cook hundreds of culinary recipes from the early 18th century according to the current requirements for healthy, tasty and sustainable food?