Collaboratories are collaborations that ReSEED establishes with people and projects to discuss subjects related to our research which require knowledge of diverse disciplines. The Collaboratories aim to solve problems in an inter and transdisciplinary way in partnership with colleagues from other scientific areas inside and outside our institution, the University of Coimbra.

In_SEED collaborations include people and projects interested in studying the biological and genetic aspects of seeds and plants. They research the physiological aspects, the adaptation to the environment, ancient DNA, modern DNA. The partners are researchers and experts in archaeobotany, genomics, biology, etc. Some of them work in seed banks, herbaria and other public organisations focused on edible plants, weeds, wild relatives and others.

other collaboratories

project 1/collab

› Xanthium, the project aims at setting up a conceptual workflow for delimiting coherent evolutionary lineages in intricate taxonomic groups.

project 2/collab

› GrapeVision, follows ongoing work on grapevine genomics led by BIOPOLIS-CIBIO researchers and leveraging their multidisciplinarity and expertise in genomics and bioinformatics.